4 DIY Projects to do this holiday season

DIY holiday crafts can sometimes be the best gifts — either for you or for someone special. They are fun, thoughtful and can give a home that extra pizazz. This holiday season, impress yourself or those you care for with these delightfully crafted and well-thought-out DIY holiday crafts and gift ideas.

Reddi-wip vase

If you have an empty can of Reddi-wip — don’t throw it out just yet! Add a little holiday décor to your home by wrapping the can with silver or gold duct tape and decorative flowers. Making this vase is as simple as it looks: As you wrap the can be sure to also wrap the faux flowers and then just rearrange the flowers to hide the nozzle.  


Centerpiece that pops

Tables need a little loving too. Create a centerpiece that, for lack of a better word, pops. This centerpiece is easy, colorful, fun and relatively inexpensive to make. You can follow the step-by-step instructions by clicking here.


Hot cocoa & mix-ins kit

Don’t show up empty-handed to your next holiday dinner. Bring this hot cocoa & mix-ins kit to impress your host. Some of the mix-ins you might want to include are marshmallows, coconut flakes, chocolate curls, licorice, peppermint crumbles, gingerbread cookie crumbles, cinnamon candies and mint chocolate pieces.


Meat sticks and shots bucket

This might just be the manliest of all gift baskets — if there ever was one. Filled with an assortment of liquors and some tasty meat sticks, you just can’t go wrong for that special guy on your list.