Discover the Real Cream Difference

Whether it’s dairy cream or coconut cream, we always keep it real. Always have, and always will. While other whipped toppings are made with hydrogenated oils, we make real cream a top priority.

Oil or Dairy Cream?

When it comes to dairy cream, choosing the real thing over oil is the easiest decision you'll make all day. And it's why we're the “cream of the crop” and the “crème de la crème.”

First Things First

Look at the label. We take real cream seriously. We use high quality coconut cream in our Non-dairy varieties, and only the best dairy cream in our original flavors. On the other hand, cream is listed as the sixth ingredient in a leading frozen whipped topping. That means it contains more hydrogenated oil than real dairy cream.

About Reddi-wip

In 1948, “Bunny” Lapin, an inventor from St. Louis, created Reddi-wip using real cream. Back then, it was delivered door-to-door by milkmen. Today, you can enjoy the same real cream Reddi-wip alongside other non-dairy varieties. That’s because in 2018 Reddi-wip launched the deliciously creamy Almond and Coconut varieties into the non-dairy universe. Now everyone can enjoy the instant greatification of Reddi-wip. It’s a joyful way to bring a smile every day.

More Reasons toLove Reddi-Wip