Discover the Real Cream Difference

Whether it’s dairy cream, coconut cream, or coffee cream, we always keep it real. Always have, and always will. While other whipped toppings are made with hydrogenated oils, we make real cream a top priority. That’s why a whoosh of creamy Reddi-wip is all it takes to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. Moments this sweet can’t be faked.

First Things First

Look at the label. We take real cream seriously. We use real coconut cream in our non-dairy flavors, and only grade-A dairy creams in our classic and barista-inspired varieties. On the other hand, cream is listed as the sixth ingredient in a leading frozen whipped topping. Sixth! That means it contains more hydrogenated oil than real dairy cream, which translates to less real-cream flavor.

Pour YourselfSomething Special

Coffee at home has never been so decadent. That’s because our specialty coffee enhancers—designed to transform your ordinary morning brew or afternoon latte into a café-worthy treat—are made with real grade-A cream. Real cream means real delicious coffee, and real delicious coffee means your day just got a whole lot better. Now that’s the Reddi-wip difference.

Tried and True

In 1948, “Bunny” Lapin, an inventor from St. Louis, created Reddi-wip using real cream. Back then, it was delivered door-to-door by milkmen. Today, there are even more ways to enjoy that real-cream goodness. From our original line of time-tested favorites and our café-inspired barista series, to our vegan non-dairy varieties, everyone can experience the instant greatification of Reddi-wip. It’s a joyful way to bring a smile every day.

More Reasons toLove Reddi-Wip