5 coffee cups guaranteed to make your mornings more joyful

When life gives you mornings, make coffee! Overcome the monotony and sluggishness of the daily grind by treating yourself to a cup of coffee in a unique, handcrafted coffee cup.

After scouring the Interwebs, we found 5 joyful coffee cups we just had to purchase and share. We spoke with each mug designer about what inspired their coffee cup creation and learned how they find their own daily dose of joy. So, the next time the morning’s got you down — smile, sip, and seize the day with one of our 5 coffee cup picks guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Kitchen Mixer ($15)

Many moons ago a wise, anonymous woman once proclaimed that the kitchen was the heart of the home.  Carry the heart of your home with you wherever you go with Erica Voges’ iconic, handcrafted Kitchen Mixer coffee cup.

With so many baked goods to choose from, we had to ask Erica which of her recipes brings her the most joy to bake. She told us how she loves making low-carb cheesecake with an almond meal crust. “It’s amazing topped with strawberries or blueberries and whipped topping. I love the Reddi-wip® Extra Creamy whipped topping. It only has 1 gram of sugar per serving!”

Cats & Donuts ($15)

Hold on to your catnip! This Cats & Donuts mug is purrfect for the feline fiend in your life.  When it comes to breakfast, there’s no better morning pairing than a hot cup of coffee and a fresh, homemade donut. Combine the two with an array of cute, colorful cats and you’ve got a morning filled to the rim with happiness. 

Summer Trottier, the co-owner of Culture Flock Clothing, crafted this mug with her own pets in mind. “Every evening, we sit on our back porch and watch our four dogs play in the yard. Sometimes a few of them decide to join us to check things out and watch their doggy siblings romp around. Watching them enjoy the simple things in life reminds us to live more in the moment and enjoy the little things around us each day.” she told us. When asked about her own daybreak philosophy, Summer said she believes that “… if you have to be up early, you might as well have a little bit of whimsy and fun with your morning coffee!” We couldn’t agree more.

We’re Rooting for You ($15)

“I find something as simple as a motivational coffee mug can really brighten your morning,” explained Victoria Schell. As the owner of Foxy Mug, Victoria has designed an array of colorful coffee mugs. She created this mug to share the joy that a particular friend's personality brings her. “I have a friend Kate who has a two-acre farm in North Carolina. She’s so positive and encouraging — she also loves a good pun,” Victoria told us.

While Victoria and her husband don’t have a two-acre farm with a garden as abundant as Kate’s, they still find their own daily bliss in the limited space they do have by growing pumpkins they’re hoping to turn into jack-o-lanterns come Halloween.

Coffee Before Talkie  ($14)

When Tia Berg designed this lighthearted coffee mug, she knew that laughter is the best medicine. “I wanted to help brighten people’s mornings,” she said. Enjoy a pick-me-up and a chuckle with this bold and straightforward Coffee Before Talkie mug. Make it an extra joyful morning and fill your sassy mug with an extra decedent homemade Chai Mocha. Then, sit back — sip, smile, seize the day. Repeat. 

Best Friend Long Distance Coffee Mug Set ($29.99)

It was mug designer Eunice Eun Jin Park’s own friendships that inspired her to create this Best Friend Long Distance Coffee Mug Set.

“I was sitting at my office desk after a particularly stressful day, sipping on coffee and looking over Los Angeles when I got hit with a sudden strong rush of nostalgia. I was tired and I missed home. I missed daily coffee dates with my best friends.”

Exhausted and homesick, Eunice decided to take her distress and turn it into something joyful that she could share with others. She created her first set of Best Friend Long Distance Coffee Mugs with her own friends in mind. She drew the female characters on each mug to resemble her girlfriends and gifted the first set to each of them.

In the same vein as friendship necklaces, the pair of mugs can be purchased and split between friends. Each mug can be customized with a variety of character options and include both you and your best friend’s name. Now, every morning, even if you and your BFF are miles apart, you can find solace in the fact that you’re both clutching your special coffee cups and taking on the day together.