Easy outdoor dessert bar ideas

When it comes to summertime entertaining, you always have to keep weather in mind. Setting up an outdoor dessert bar and serving your dessert recipes on ice is a practical way to keep your sweet treats fresh for an extended period of time. It’s also a simple entertaining trick that guests will love.

Outdoor Dessert Table for Parties
When planning your soirée, choose a variety of light, individual desserts for outdoor parties so guests can easily grab and eat on the go. Serve your desserts in reusable, circular, plastic serving trays that are deep enough to fill with ice. For quick set up and clean up, use a serving tray with handles. Avoid melting ice puddles by lining your trays with a decorative dish towel before filling it with ice. Add some personality to your outdoor dessert bar with customizable labels. Easily make your own reusable menu labels by gluing mini-magnetic chalkboard signs on to wooden clothespins.

Berry Pudding Trifles

Individual trifles are a great dessert to include in your outdoor dessert bar. For one of our dessert bar ideas, we followed this easy Mini Berry Trifles in a Jar recipe. 

Cheesecake Fruit Dip with Fresh Fruit Kabobs

Dessert dips are quick to prepare and can be served with fresh fruit kabobs in clear, plastic party cups for outdoor, grab-and-go enjoying. Try this Cheesecake Fruit Dip recipe made with cream cheese, vanilla pudding and Reddi-wip®. Pair the dip with fresh fruit kabobs and include it in your outdoor dessert bar for super simple summertime entertaining.  

Patriotic Popcorn Balls

No need to turn on the oven to make these Red, White, and Blue Popcorn Balls! These no-bake savory treats are perfect for summer. You can even customize these microwave popcorn balls with the food coloring of your choice, making them the perfect addition to your graduation party, Fourth of July BBQ or picnic.