7 creative donut ideas to win National Donut Day

Old Fashion, glaze, cake, jelly, twist, cream filled, cider, sugar coated — whatever your donut preference, today, we salute them all. There is no donut size or flavor that shall go unrecognized on National Donut Day. So, grab a dozen, brew some coffee and enjoy the most blissful food holiday of the year. Because, not only do these 7 creative donut ideas dominate National Donut Day, you can enjoy and make all of these unique donut recipes at home.                                  

Reason #1: You can make it into a parfait

Coconut Donut ParfaitCoconut Donut Parfait

These individual Coconut Donut Parfaits are made by layering slices of a coconut caramel donut with vanilla pudding. Serve your parfaits and top them each with whipped topping, caramel syrup and glazed pecans. 

Reason #2: You can make it into an ice cream sandwich

Grilled Donut Sundae
Grilled Donut Sundae

To make this mouth-watering ice cream sundae toast a classic, glazed donut on the grill. Top your grilled donut with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs. Bring it all together with some caramel syrup!

Reason #3: It can be 'Waffled'

Waffled Donut French Toast
Waffled Donut French Toast

It took National Donut Day for waffles and French toast to finally define their relationship. Luckily, their union resulted in a recipe that every donut lover can say “I do” to. To make Waffled Donut French Toast, slice an old fashion donut in half, crosswise. Dip each half into an egg-based French toast batter. Place donut halves onto a waffle iron for 2-3 minutes and prepare to enter the happiest honeymoon phase ever. Remove donuts from waffle iron and top with sliced strawberries, confectioner’s sugar and whipped topping.

Reason #4: You can dip it into fondue 

Donut Fondue
Donut Fondue with Chocolate Dip

Sweeten up any party with Donut Fondue. Place a donut hole onto a festive kabob and lay out some melted chocolate and crushed cookies, nuts and sprinkles to dip your donuts in.

Reason #5: You can make it into an adult beverage 

Boozy Donut Shake
Boozy Donut Milkshake

Start happy hour early with this easy Boozy Donut Shake. A perfect companion for your next brunch, this adult shake calls for only 4 ingredients. For each shake, place 1 chocolate frosted chocolate cake donut, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 ounce of coffee flavored liqueur and 1½ ounces of iced coffee into a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour your Boozy Donut Shake into a glass, top with whipped topping and serve immediately. For a non-alcoholic version, omit the coffee flavored liqueur.

Reason #6: You can make it into a really big cookie

Cookies n’ Cream Donut Sandwiches
Cookies n’ Cream Donut Sandwiches

You’ve been warned. Once you make these Cookies n’ Cream Donut Sandwiches, the refrigerator light will replace the glow of your nightlight. Arguably the most addicting late night snack ever, these decedent mini donut sandwiches don’t quit.

For these flawless treats, crumble your choice of vanilla or chocolate sandwich cookies in a food processor. Combine cookie crumbs with Reddi-wip® and layer mixture between mini powdered sugar donuts. Refrigerate and serve. No food processor? No problem! Place sandwich cookies in a plastic storage bag, seal, and use a rolling pin to easily turn your cookies into crumbs.

Reason #7: You can put it on a stick 

Sugared Donut Fruit Kabobs
Sugared Donut Fruit Kabobs

These donut fruit kabobs prove happiness is warm, freshly baked donuts. Prepare these breakfast kabobs by following this homemade Sugared Donuts recipe. Once your donut bites are ready, cut each donut in half. On each skewer, alternate layering donut halves with slices of apples or raspberries. Serve with the donut recipe’s accompanying chocolate and strawberry dipping sauces.