5 life-changing smoothies to help welcome spring

Celebrate spring and welcome the warmth by making one of our 5 simple 5 ingredient spring smoothies.  With flavor combinations like carrot and mango, matcha and avocado, and tropical pineapple you’ll forget winter ever even existed.


Simple Spring Smoothie combinations: Carrott Juice plus mangos plus raw almonds plus syrup plus cinnamon plus reddi wip; milk plus avocado plus raw cashews plus honey plus green tea matcha powder plus reddi wip; milk plus strawberries plus peanut butter plus jelly plus strawberry frozen greek yogurt plus reddi wip; milk plus blueberries plus peanut butter plus vanilla snack pack plus baby spinach plus reddi wip; orange juice plus pineapple plus plain greek yogurt plus honey plus shredded coconut plus reddi wip