5 easy build-your-own food bar ideas for parties

Make-your-own food bars are perfect for Sunday brunches, BBQs, birthdays, picnics and really any event you're throwing that doesn’t call for a full-course meal! A blank canvas for culinary customization, build-your-own food bars allow everyone to get creative and have fun with their food. Gain some inspiration with our list of build-your-own food bar ideas for parties.

Yogurt Bar
Build Your Own Yogurt Parfait Bar

Host the perfect brunch with our list of simple yogurt bar ideas.

Nacho Bar
DIY Nacho Bar

Why not have a build-your-own nacho bar at your next fiesta? 

Trail Mix Bar
Make Your Own Trail Mix Bar

When it comes to throwing a kids’ birthday party, a trail mix bar is always a hit. With so many sweet and savory options, it’s not like the adults at the party won't enjoy this build-your-own food bar! 

Burger Bar
Build Your Own Burger Bar

Put down the grill spatula, step away from the grill, and really enjoy your next BBQ by setting up a build-your-own burger bar where guests can serve themselves.

Outdoor Dessert Bar
Outdoor Dessert Bar for Parties

Summer isn't over yet! Keep your sweet treats fresh for your entire picnic with our list of easy outdoor dessert bar ideas.

Photos and concepts for all of the build your own food bars were provided by Garnish with Lemon